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Bruce Lee Writings On Fight Theory Observed

The Writings of Bruce Lee

Taking a few of Bruce Lee’s writings and observing them through film study.¬†Coordination is by all means one of the most important considerations in any study of proficiency in sport and athletics. Coordination is equality which enables the individual to integrate all the powers and capabilities of his whole organism.

Into an effective doing of an act the fighter whose movements seem awkward. Never seems to find the proper distance as always being timed. Never outdo opponents and always gives warning of his intentions before they become serious. Is suffering chiefly from a lack of coordination the well-coordinated fighter does everything.

Smoothly and gracefully he seems to glide in and out of distance. With a minimum of effort and a maximum of deception. His timing is usually good because the movements are so rhythmical they tend to establish a complementary rhythm on the part of his opponent. A rhythm he can break to his own advantage because of the perfect control of his own muscles

He seems to outguess his opponent because he usually takes the initiative. And to a large extent forces the reactions of his opponent. Above all, he makes his movements with a purpose rather than with a doubting hope. Because of his confidence in himself before movements can take place, there must be a change of muscular tensions of both sides of the joints. To be moved the effectiveness of this muscular teamwork.

Is one of the factors which determine limits of speed endurance power agility and accuracy in all athletic performances. This was quoted from Bruce Lee’s tow jeet Kune do— and gives just a glimpse of the functionality of his work.

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