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Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do writings 1

This is not a movie about Bruce Lee. This is the first and only training video about Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee himself. To compile this film the makes got the complete cooperation of the Bruce Lee estate. Enabling the makes to draw for the first time from Bruce Lee’s private training films and videos. As well as his audio records and his own training and research notes.

Of course, Bruce Lee became an icon in the world of martial arts with many, including the UFC president Dana White. Saying that Lee was, in fact, the grandfather of modern mixed martial arts. His effect on the world of MMA cannot be underestimated and we see in the film just how his love for Jeet Kune Do propel him into the world’s spotlight.

So let us take a close look at this analysis of his martial arts system. A system which he brought to the West from his home in China for others to learn. Something which he fought hard to achieve against the wishes of the elites from his own community who wanted it to remain their secret.

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