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Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do 2

Bruce Lee Part 2 OF Jeet Kune Do

Part two of this instalment as we get more insight into the mind of the great Bruce Lee and the development of Jeet Kune Do. How to understand one’s body and one’s self. Take a dive into the mind of a Martial Arts legend. In this episode, we hear directly from Brandon Lee, son of Bruce. As he breaks down his father’s inspiration for his style of martial arts.

Brandon discusses how his father’s mind worked and how he would take from different disciplines. Using western boxing, fencing and other arts to develop his own particular style. Discarding that which is useless and using that which is worth keeping. Thereby creating a martial art he believed was superior to others. But when we say superior, what we really mean is a style that works in all situations.

We hear from Bruce Lee himself as he discusses the different style of fighting. And by there being different styles it means that the styles are separated. Adding that;

People are separated by styles …

He believes that these styles have become the gospel truth that you cannot change. For Bruce, he was looking for ways to express himself totally and completely, as a human being. And not within the set doctrine of any one style.

Bruce Lee Discusses The Weapons We All Possess

Bruce talks about the weapons at our disposal in terms of our own limbs. And how to use those limbs in particular situations that can change at any time. In real fighting and not with preset rules, you need to be able to use every part of your body. it is important that we are ale to shape to any given situation or circumstance like water.

You put water into a cup it becomes the cup. You put water in a bottle it becomes the bottle, in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow and it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Prophetic words from the Godfather of mixed martial arts and words which have shaped the lives of many fighters, past and present. Lee will forever be remembered for his brilliance and ingenuity. And of course, him opening up the secretive martial arts to a global audience.

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