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Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir UFC 81 Full Fight

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 1 Full Fight Video

The beast Brock Lesnar in the first fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. We see him taking on Mixed martial arts veteran and former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. In what was perhaps the biggest television matchup in UFC history. Pairing the All American wrestler, against the seasoned Mr Mir.

This fight set in motion a rematch with one fighter looked to redeem himself and his legacy. In what was a huge test for Lesnar who at this point only had one fight in mixed martial arts. In Mir, he faced a true MMA veteran with 13 professional fights already under his belt. The UFC no doubt thought that Lesnar needed to arrive in the UFC with a big bang and that he did.

From the beginning, Brock immediately shot in and took Frank to the ground. Gaining top position, Lesnar continued to work his top control and keep Mir pinned to the mat. Brock was able to unload punches on Mir who was doing everything to defend against the onslaught. But with Lesnar being such a good wrestler and a massive him being. Frank was having issues with defending against the heavy shots which were landing consistently.

Brock Lesnar Lands An Illegal Punch

Then at around thirty seconds into the round, Brock landed a punch to the back of Franks’s head. Referee Steve Mazagatti took a timeout in the fight, deducting a point from Lesnar, without warning. This is something we have seen this referee do many times in several fights. Often totally changing the momentum of the contest.

When the fight resumed it did so on the feet, with Brock instantly landing another takedown. In the melee on the ground, Lesnar was yet again landing huge shots. He was controlling Mir and able to land a hard elbow, keeping Frank at bay. But Mir has a very dangerous guard and quickly shot in to take hold of Brocks’s leg.

Once Frank took the leg he was able to get a grip on the ankle. Extending the leg Lesnar was forced to the mat, while Mir continued to twist the ankle. Eventually forcing Brock to tap out to the submission. In a fight which could easily have gone the other way if not for the referee calling a timeout.

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