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Brock Lesnar “The Return of The Beast of Burden”

Brock Lesnar – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights *NEW*

With the return of Lesnar seeming highly likely, and the apparent foresight of a Superfight with Jon Jones looming (assuming he gets past DC), I felt it was relevant to revisit the skill-set of Brock Lesnar. Love him or hate him, you’ll most certainly watch him.

Disclaimer: I will not be focusing on post-diverticulitis Brock, nor will I focus on Hunt’s high-profile losses. I have zero affiliation with either fighter and instead, want to dissect their respective strengths and possibilities for how this fight may play out minus some type of quick finish.


  • Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones – Cover by Broken Bones
  • Matilda – Sam & Sarah Gotley
  • Meridian – The Helix Nebula (FULL EP)

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