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Brendan Schaub “Lying” to Fans, Getting Paid to Say Conor McGregor Can Win!

Brendan Schaub Paid For Conor McGregor Hype

The guys at Phonebooth Fighting discuss the circus that was the Mayweather vs McGregor world tour. The disseminate what happened and give their take on who was the winner in terms of verbal combat. They talk about how even at this late stage in the game, Dana White doesn’t want Conor to take the fight.

Frank Mir reckons that Floyd’s being nice and complimenting Dana is, in fact, a big feck you! It’s like a business deal, where I get to go home with your wife. And you are saying, that this is a great guy! Both guys know that he completely screwed him over and won. And that what Mir says, is what Floyd Mayweather has done in this situation.

Mayweather is fighting the least competent boxer he has ever fought in his life. And he’s getting paid the most money. While McGregor is the greatest promoter he has ever seen in his life.

But the guys then go into attacking Brendan Schaub. Saying Showtime was trying to find someone with credibility that ‘s going to say the right things. Frank proclaims that Brendan does not believe that Conor has a chance to win one round. He is intelligent when it comes to the fight game. But he’s being paid to say otherwise.

Brendan speaks well, his show is awesome, he can do stand-up. He’s one of the smartest entrepreneurs to ever fight in MMA. So as good a promoter as Conor is, Brendan is on the same level in terms of being a business guy. So he’ll take the Conor thing.

Who’s Show is This?

They talk about how the show was put together by Floyd and IMG. But not Dana White! They talk about the presumed collusion between Floyd and Dana, now that Zuffa boxing is a thing! The guys also talk a little bit about what they perceive as racist comments by McGregor and how unnecessary they were!

They also talk a bit about Floyd’s trash talk and how he was constantly stalling for time. As he had no comeback for McGregor’s taunts!

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