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Boxers Who Tried Mixed Martial Arts

Boxers who tried MMA

Since the rise of martial arts in the early sixties, combat sports have been at loggerheads. So when mixed martial arts came along back in the 1990s, boxing fans and fighters alike were once again embroiled in the revolving argument of which sport is superior, boxing or MMA? Leading at least some of boxing’s finest to cross enemy lines and take on the staunch test that is mixed martial arts and fight their corner.

With names such as one of the pound for pound great fighters James Toney. Who decided he would go straight to the top of the pile and take on the UFC legend that is Randy Couture. It wasn’t to be Toney’s night as he was quickly submitted by Couture. Pretty much proving the point that in unarmed pure combat, MMA beats boxing.

Who Are The Boxers That Tried MMA

Bac kin 2007, former top British heavyweight boxer Julius Francis also stepped into the cage to try his luck, taking on a fellow Brit in Gary Turner. While Francis had some flashes of quality where he hands outshone those of Turner. It was the clinch work of turner that would eventually lead to a takedown and submission victory.

Another boxing heavyweight in Ray Mercer took on street fighting legend Kimbo Slice in an unsanctioned MMA fight at Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5. With Mercer lost in the first round due to a guillotine choke. It was Mercer’s second fight two years later in which he took on the former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Silva, in a fight where no kicks were allowed. It was not long before the former boxing heavyweight champion caught Silvia knocking him out cold in the very first round.

This is a list of five famous boxers who donned the 4oz gloves. Creating some of the most surprising, surreal and downright embarrassing moments in the history of MMA... to date.

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