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Bound by Blood: Frank Shamrock Documentary

Frank Shamrock Bound by Blood Short Documentary

Bound by Blood takes a look at one of the founding fighters of modern MMA, Frank Shamrock. We get insight into Franks early life when at 12 years of age he found himself sitting in a jail cell after pulling a knife on his sister. His subsequent fostering and his time spent doing a six-year stretch in prison. This documentary is a must-see for those fans of the sport who lived the early days of the UFC. A real emotional rollercoaster and essential viewing for hardcore fans of the sport.

Frank brings us back to where it all began and into the lives of the people which affected him along the way. Widely recognised as one of the greatest fighters in the sport. For Shamrock martial arts pretty much saved his life. Ending up in the juvenile hall and not leaving until he was thirteen. Frank would be moved to the Shamrock Home for troubled youths.

Huge Changes in Franks Life

Becoming a father at just sixteen, while still living in the home for boys, things began to once again go wrong. Going on a crime spree, Frank ended up robbing a local Taco bell and being sentenced to six years in prison. After three and a half years, he was finally released and joined his brother Ken Shamrock at the infamous Lions Den gym. 

Beaten black and blue he managed to overcome the gym initiation. And became an established fighter, having his first fight in Tokyo Japan for Pankration. Fighting one of the top fighters in the world Bas Rutten, he won the fight! And the legend of Frank Shamrock was born.

We see how his career develops and how he goes on to be one of the greatest fighters of his generation. His epic and career-defining fight with Tito Ortiz. As well as his career-ending fight against the young up and coming Nick Diaz. We get to witness Frand and Ken meeting for the first time in fifteen years. As Frank looks for some closure on his turbulent past. It’s a fascinating look into the life and time of one of the sports icon’s, who is often overlooked.

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