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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

UFC Presents: BJ Penn Mana Documentary

Bj Penn Life Short Documentary

UFC presents a Bj Penn documentary. Which takes a look back at the life and times of one of the mixed martial arts all-time greats, The Prodigy Bj Penn. Penn is a half Irish, half Hawaiian MMA athlete born and raised on the big island in Hawaii. This film offers us unparalleled insight into his life pre fighting. And his subsequent time in PRIDE and the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

We are taken into the life of the former UFC champion and icon in the world of mixed martial arts. We get to hear from BJ as to why he actually fights. And that when he was s young kid he would love to watch WWF and put on boxing gloves. But he does not know at what point exactly he became a fighter. it seems to have happened over many years, as he went from watching fights, to being involved in them. Earning a name for himself as the toughest kid in the neighbourhood.

Hearing From Friends And Family

We hear from his mother who was there to witness every step of his life and career. He tells us what he was like as a kid and how his love of wrestling led to his career in mixed martial arts. His training with his brothers, lifting weights and running to the end of the street and back. He takes us through each of the phases that went into developing the BJ Penn we see before us today.

And when asked about what a 55-year-old BJ will be doing. He replies that he will be sitting in Hilo Hawaii just like he is today. And that when he is gone from this earth, he hopes people will remember him as the fighter who gave it his all and succeeded. While along the way, treated people well and was a good person.

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