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bivol vs canelo full fight video

Dmitry Bivol vs Canelo Alvarez Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Dmitry Bivol is the current reigning WBA light heavyweight champion of the world. His latest opponent was one other than Saul Canelo Alvarez who was seeking to add the light heavyweight championship to his mass of world titles. And entering the competition the champion Bivol was the bookie’s underdog.

Many believed the Mexican fighter, who has only lost one time in his career would go on to take the title at his heaviest fighting weight. So it was up to the man holding the belt to prove to the world that he is the champion for a reason. While Canelo does have certain limitations in height, reach and natural weight. The leading consensus was that his boxing IQ and brutal power would be enough to overcome the man from Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan.

The Opening Rounds

With an obvious size advantage for the champion, Bivol was using his height and reach to keep canelo at bay. Constantly jabbing his opponent, Alvarez was seeking to use his power shots. Looping right hands and body shots were the first port of call. But the champions jab is not to be underestimated. He’s using it beautifully and working those follow up combinations.

We ca see what Canelo wants to do, but executing is a different matter. With Bivol keeping him at distance, Alvarez has to keep lunging into to try and close the distance. But Bivol can do this all night, he is known for his excellent jab. and he is using it to perfection as Canelo keeps looking for his openings.

Dmitry is staying on his toes and circling away from Canelo’s power shots. While he keeps trying to corner the champion against the ropes, Alvarez is having some success. However, the champion isn’t making it easy. He keeps moving away and opening up that distance. So while some combinations are landing, Canelo is not managing to inflict and real damage.

Bivol Appears to Be in The Driving Seat

As Bivol keeps upping the jab, following it with some stinging combinations. We can tell the challenger is begging to get frustrated. In a fight which he was expected to command, he struggling. The very obvious size difference is no doubt playing its part. But the champions boxing is outstanding and he is managing to impose his gameplan on the challenger.

Into the later rounds and Canelo appears to be increasingly irritated. What can he do differently to affect the outcome of this fight? Hands down and back against the ropes, he is now goading the champion to come forward. He seems to be looking for ways to break the champions rhythm. Can he force a mistake and capitalise, you never know with Canelo, as anything can happen.

Having thrown his best shots, the challenger is looking increasingly fatigued. Al that extra weight to come up and fight for this world title. we know what that can do to a fighters physiology and its not good. Alvarez has had to push hard against the bigger man and it’s now beginning to take its toll.

At the same time Dmitry Bivol looks much more fresh. He has paced himself well and appears to have plenty left in the tank. Ahead on the scorecards the only likely way Canelo can win this fight is with a knockout and that’s a big ask at this point in the fight. As it appears to be Bovil’s fight to lose, are we going to see anything different in these closing rounds?

With an air of inevitability, the fighters work their way toward the closing bell. The champion now surely firmly ahead, there wouldn’t be anything extraordinary from canel in the final round. As the clock ticks down, its Dimtry Bivol who would once again be crowned the WBA light heavyweight champion. Only the second fighter to give Alvarez a loss on his record.

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