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TOP 5 Biggest UFC Rivalries in their History

Top 5 UFC Rivalries in the History of the sport

Here are the Top 5 rivalries in UFC history, according to our man The Promo Guy. To be fair, throughout the relatively short history of the UFC there’s quite a few to choose from. The light heavyweight champion Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, aka “I beat your ass after a weekend of cocaine!” The now-legendary rivalry between Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock, as well as Tito vs “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell! Luke Rockhold vs “The Count” Michael Bisping.

“Conceive, Believe, Achieve… Sounds like the worst self-help book you have ever read!”

And of course, who could forget Chael Sonnen vs middleweight legend Anderson Silva “You absolutely suck..” In a move that no doubt helped push Silva into a fight with Sonnen many thought he had no chance of winning. But these are the things some fighters have to say to get their foot in the door. So that they can challenge for the championship belt.

With so many outstanding UFC rivalries down through the years. It was no doubt a hard task making some of these choices. A sin this sport, like so many other combat sports, physical and verbal threats are often commonplace. And while it’s not something we should glorify, at the very same time, it can sometimes be very funny and scary to watch.

Of course, some feuds never got the coverage of these highly publicised examples. But that is a story for another day. This is his biggest project so far and the Promo guy hopes the fans like it, so show him some love and subscribe! This will be a two-part series because there are so many more epic rivalries in UFC history. As always have a nice day fight fans and enjoy the verbal violence.

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