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The Best Boxer in the History of MMA? || (Reality Check)

Best Boxers in MMA History Analysis

The Best Boxer in the History of MMA? || A Brendan Dorman (Reality Check) Film Study ᴴᴰ

Sometimes we say things that are just hyperbole. Sometimes, the omnipresent talking points in MMA, especially in the UFC, drive me to the brink of insanity. There is an influential bunch that have a place in the pantheon of “their word is their bond”, and sometimes it’s baffling.

While you’ll have to watch the video to see the “who” and “why”, this isn’t anti-anyone. I’m actually a fan of those I intend on critiquing.

This isn’t necessarily something I like doing, as the word “debunk” is usually attached to government shills you’ve seen on Rogan like Michael Schermer (sp? I don’t care though I wonder what he thinks of science accepting the Graham Hancock – Randall Carlson theory ;)) and more egregiously and obviously Mick West. I’m not much for “official stories”, ergo I like to reality check on occasion.

One of the prominent voices claimed that fighter X had the best boxing in the history of MMA, which is a very 2014 thing to say about the fighter and I’m not sure it was true then. I’ll show two examples (I’ve covered before) to lay this to rest. Without further ado…

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