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Bernard Hopkins Hating on Mayweather: Floyd is not A Business Man

B Hop, Bernard Hopkins, going off on Floyd Mayweather in relation to his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor. Bernard starts off by talking about Floyd’s’s retirement from the sport. And how that no one had crocodile tears once he finally stepped away. He equates Floyd to a guy who is but a front for a business and how he likes to play the businessman. B Hop has seen him talking business, but he hasn’t seen him actually do business.

He has never seen him sit down a thrash out a deal. He talks about how he and George Foreman are the only two fighters ever to win the prestigious Manager in boxing award. The award is given to professional boxers who manage their own careers and in a hundred years of the sport. Those are the only two guys to get it! So where is Money Mayweather? If Floyd has been such a successful manager, how come he has never been awarded?

With all these paid advisors, why is it that Floyd is fighting again? Hopkins chimes in,

“Well if you spend a lot, you need a lot”

If you have a reputation, an image. You have to continue to represent that image. Even if you don’t have money in your pocket, you still have to represent, that’s the streets! With Floyd known for his crazy spending, flying his bags in a separate jet and the like. If you are spending it, you got to make it back somewhere else!

You spend a hundred, you gotta make two! That’s how Bernard always looked at it. To someone like Floyd, ten million is peanuts, 20 million! But 150 – 200 million, now you’re talking. Before long the way Mayweather is spending, his table will soon be empty. So a big payday makes a whole lot of sense for a guy who is supposed to be living the good life on what he has earned.

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