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Battle of the Welterweights: Callan Potter Vs. Maki Pitolo at UFC 243

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The welterweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has always been known for its intense battles and explosive matchups. One such thrilling encounter took place at UFC 243 between Callan Potter and Maki Pitolo. Both fighters stepped into the Octagon with a shared hunger for victory and a burning desire to make their mark in the welterweight division. This article delves into the electrifying clash between Potter and Pitolo, highlighting their backgrounds, fighting styles, and the exciting moments that unfolded during their encounter.

Fighter Profiles:

Callan Potter: Callan Potter, hailing from Australia, is a well-rounded mixed martial artist known for his versatility and determination inside the cage. With a professional record of 17 wins and 9 losses, Potter possesses a wide array of skills, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and Muay Thai. Prior to his showdown with Pitolo, Potter had experienced mixed results in the UFC, making this fight a crucial opportunity for him to showcase his abilities and prove his worth among the welterweight elite.

Maki Pitolo:

Maki Pitolo, representing Hawaii, is an explosive fighter with a reputation for delivering crowd-pleasing performances. Sporting a professional record of 15 wins and 9 losses, Pitolo is known for his aggressive striking style and solid grappling abilities. With several notable victories to his name, Pitolo aimed to continue his upward trajectory in the welterweight division and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with.

The Fight:

As the bell rang to signal the start of the fight, both Potter and Pitolo wasted no time in engaging each other. Potter, displaying his striking prowess, looked to establish control with his precise punches and kicks. Pitolo, known for his aggressive nature, fired back with powerful hooks and leg kicks, showcasing his heavy-handedness. The first round witnessed a fierce back-and-forth battle, with both fighters landing significant strikes.

In the second round, Potter’s game plan shifted towards utilizing his grappling skills. He initiated takedowns and attempted to assert dominance on the ground. Pitolo, however, displayed impressive takedown defense and quickly scrambled back to his feet. The round continued with both fighters exchanging strikes and showcasing their resilience.

Heading into the final round, the fight hung in the balance. Potter, aware of the need to secure a decisive victory, continued to mix up his striking and grappling techniques. Pitolo, known for his durability, matched Potter’s intensity and refused to back down. The final minutes of the fight saw a frenetic exchange of strikes, keeping the crowd on their feet. When the final bell rang, the result remained uncertain, with both fighters leaving everything inside the Octagon.

Decision and Aftermath: After three hard-fought rounds, the judges’ scorecards were revealed. In a closely contested battle, Callan Potter emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision victory. With this win, Potter added another impressive performance to his UFC resume and elevated his status within the welterweight division.

As for Maki Pitolo, despite the loss, he showcased his toughness and skill set throughout the fight. Pitolo’s performance was a testament to his fighting spirit and determination to bounce back stronger in future matchups.


The welterweight clash between Callan Potter and Maki Pitolo at UFC 243 will be remembered as a thrilling and closely contested bout. Both fighters exhibited their respective strengths, delivering an entertaining spectacle for the fans. While Potter emerged victorious, Pitolo’s resilience and talent ensured that the fight remained highly competitive until the final bell. This clash served as a reminder of the excitement and intensity that the welterweight division brings to the world of mixed martial arts.

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