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Bas Rutten Drunk with His Fans

Bas Rutten Very Drunk with Fans Following his Bachelor Party

The MMA legendary Bas Rutten out and about drunk as skunk following his bachelor party. It just so happens there were a student and friend who brought along a camera and microphone to catch all of the action. Hilarity ensues as Bas mingles with his fans as he makes his way through a Vegas hotel lobby. As the guy on the mic tells us it sometimes takes well over an hour as Bas is always more than happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

And you may naturally assume that someone who in real life is aggressive as Bas, might be a little hard to handle when drunk. But actually and luckily for most, he is someone who becomes a happy drunk when he has had too much to drink. Always more than happy to stop and take some pictures with fans, Bas is, in fact, a true gentleman, when sober too of course. Just don’t push his buttons or try to take any additional unwelcome liberties with him and you will be fine.

But in this video, he is mobbed by his fans as he walks through the casino floor of a Las Vegas hotel. Constantly mobbed by his adoring fans, both make and female. Bas is more than happy to stop and take as many pictures and sign as many autographs as is required.

Bas Rutten Pioneer in MMA

He will always and forever be one of the pioneering fighters who helped to bring mixed martial arts to where it is today. Having gone on to be not only one of the greatest fighters. Bas Rutten is now widely recognised as one of the best commentators and personalities in the sports world. Who went on to find a path and career for himself in MMA once he had finally stopped fighting.

So let us enjoy El Guapo at his funniest as he mixed and mingles with his fans on a night of heavy drinking in Las Vegas, what a legend.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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