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Bas Rutten Workout In The Pool

Watch the legend that is Bas Rutten as he takes you through his PERSONAL workout. Bringing you tips on how to TRAIN LIKE A BEAST! Known to his fans worldwide by the name El Guapo. Rutten is the former UFC and Pancrase World Champion. Since retiring from the sport in 1999, he has capitalised on his celebrity status to become one of the best-known voices on the commentating side of the sport.

He works as a colour commentator for the MMA organisation the “World Series Of Fighting” on NBC. As well as having appeared in numerous tv shows, movies, and video games. He also coaches MMA and has authored several instructional videos. Many of which have become iconic for their sheer violence ad theatre. Look up charisma in the dictionary and you’re sure to see a reference for Bas Rutten.

We follow Bas who like to still keep himself active in this all round pool workout. Due to some injuries he has had in the past, Bas now works out in the pool to minimise the pressure he puts on his body. So this is an excellent workout for anyone who has had injuries or how maybe that little bit older and wiser in years.

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