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Badr Hari Against Semmy Schilt In Glory Collision

The two biggest names in kickboxing will finally throw down on December 10 when reigning GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven faces off with the controversial Badr Hari. In a special Pay-Per-View event presented by UFC.tv, the heavyweight dream match that has been three years in the making will finally become a reality.

In this fight, we get to see two of the very best as Badr Hari takes on the former K1 champion Semmy Schilt back in 2009. Their Showtime fight which took place in Amsterdam Holland at the Ajax stadium. Saw the two massive names finally facing each other inside the squared circle.

This was an opportunity for Hari to show that he too was amongst the greats. And he could do this by beating the K1 champion giant Schilt in their bout. It would be the first of their fights and set the tone of the remainder of that fight calendar year in which Hari would dominate the world stage.

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