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Badr Hari || Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights •

Badr Hari Skill Study

Badr Hari, one of the most enigmatic, talented, and popular fighters in Kickboxing / Combat Sports history is also one of it’s most controversial. While I don’t really cover things like what is “required to destabilize the cerebellum and neuro cortex”. Or other Deepak Chopra approaches to unarmed combat, I will make a long-winded…

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone or celebrate Badr’s behaviour in or outside of the ring. Though it’s irrelevant to the video. I am not your shrink, nor am I a judge of moral compass, someone else’s brain, life experience and / or character. I make videos about technique, and celebrate what to my eyes is good technically.

The fighters whom I cover may as well be silhouettes. I try to walk on the fence, crazy like a fox and entertain the like-minded fans of the technical elements of martial arts in a real setting. Set to an often abstract video presentation, with actual/written technical oversight. When you are younger and competing etc.

You tend to look less deeply into character “you” may as a coach, with some more eyes on you. AKA, I’m not other channels. I don’t do this for popularity, and I’m selling you zero snake oil. This is the right athlete/personality to make this statement about.

Technique of Badr Hari

SO………with that said, I was always a huge fan of Badr Hari’s technique, in particular some of the earlier years where he focused more on having an arsenal than a power punching brawler. And while there was a method to the madness (normally), again I’m not going to delve into some pseudo-psychology, I’m presenting you with some wonderful technique, if you’re not a fan of the man to the point of critiquing my work, why are you here?

On a lighter note, let’s have some feckin fun with this eh? Cheers.


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