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Askar Askarov Vs. Joseph Benavidez (Catchweight (127 lb) UFC 259

Askar Askarov and Joseph Benavidez faced off in a highly anticipated flyweight bout that took place on a memorable night of mixed martial arts action. The fight promised to be a clash between two top-ranked fighters in the division, and it delivered on its promise, offering fans an intense and competitive showdown.

From the opening bell, it was evident that Askarov and Benavidez were both determined to make a statement. Askarov, known for his relentless pressure and grappling skills, wasted no time in attempting to take the fight to the ground. Benavidez, on the other hand, showcased his speed and striking ability, looking to keep the fight standing and land damaging blows.

Throughout the fight, Askarov displayed his superior wrestling and grappling pedigree. He managed to secure takedowns and control Benavidez on the ground, applying constant pressure and threatening submissions. Benavidez, known for his resilience and heart, showed incredible defensive skills, managing to avoid dangerous situations and even threatening with his own submissions from the bottom.

As the fight progressed, Benavidez began to find his rhythm and started landing clean strikes on Askarov. His boxing skills came into play, as he utilized his footwork and head movement to avoid significant damage from Askarov’s takedowns. Benavidez’s counters were precise and powerful, momentarily staggering Askarov and gaining the attention of the crowd.

In the championship rounds, both fighters dug deep and pushed the pace. Askarov continued to showcase his grappling dominance, relentlessly pursuing takedowns and controlling Benavidez on the ground. However, Benavidez’s heart and determination shone through, as he constantly battled to get back to his feet and land strikes that could sway the judges’ decision.

The fight concluded with both fighters showing tremendous respect for each other’s skills and leaving everything inside the Octagon. The judges’ decision was eagerly awaited, as both fighters had their moments of success throughout the bout. Ultimately, the judges rendered a unanimous decision in favor of Askar Askarov, acknowledging his dominant grappling performance and control throughout the fight.

The fight between Askar Askarov and Joseph Benavidez showcased the highest level of skill and determination in the flyweight division. It demonstrated the diverse range of techniques in mixed martial arts, from Askarov’s relentless grappling to Benavidez’s striking prowess. Both fighters can be proud of their performance, as they delivered an entertaining and closely contested battle that will be remembered by fans for years to come.

This fight also had implications for the flyweight division‘s rankings, as Askarov’s victory solidified his position among the top contenders. With his well-rounded skills and dominant performance, Askarov showcased his readiness for a potential title shot in the future. As for Benavidez, his resilience and technical ability highlighted his status as one of the division’s most respected veterans, ensuring that he remains a force to be reckoned with.

53 / 100
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