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‘Are Punchers Born or Made?’ feat. Julian Jackson / Thomas Hearns

Julian Jackson & Thomas Hearns Breakdown

After my last breakdown of “The Eagle”, I figured a breakdown of “The Hawk”, Julian Jackson. And whether punching power is a matter of nature or nurture was due. The question “Are punchers born or made” has been around forever, and there are two schools of thought. Although I think, like most debates, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Julian “The Hawk” Jackson is a former WBA light middleweight champion and two-time WBC middleweight champion. He is regarded by many as pound for pound the hardest puncher in boxing history and was ranked #25 by The Ring magazine in a 2003 list of “100 Greatest Punchers”.

According to Ron Lipton, Professional referee, trainer and college boxing instructor. “As far as being born a puncher? I don’t believe that”. Lipton is very knowledgeable when it comes to punching power and the myriad of techniques to develop it.

“I believe people can have an affinity for punching. Some have natural, heavy hands while others are incredible physical specimens such as Rubin Carter and Emile Griffith. Curtis “The Hatchetman” Sheppard. The only person to have knocked out Joey Maxim, was a great puncher who was born with huge hands, much like Sonny Liston, who had the largest hands of any heavyweight champion.” Ring Magazine

That’s the middle folks. Enjoy, cheers!

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