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The Dark Side Of Boxer Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua And His Dark Side

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is often seen as a humble big friendly giant. But beneath the surface, a different/darker side seems to be looming. In this analysis, we take a closer look at the 250 lb champion who has dominated on his way to a world championship.

After taking the majority of heavyweight belts in his epic fight against Wladimir Klitschko. Joshua looked to be the dominant force in boxings heavyweight division. It’s been a meteoric rise for the Londoner who has gone from Olympian to professional champion in just a few short years.

Now he sits at the very top of the pile, do we see differences in how the gentle giant is approaching the fight game? As we look back over his relatively short career, we were to see the changes in his approach emerge. Is this something he has consciously done or is his new standing as the world number one cause for him to change as a fighter and person.

Let’s take a closer look and see for ourselves the differences between the old Anthony Joshua and the new heavyweight king. Going forward, is the fear of him losing his title going to have any impact on his performances. Its anyone’s guess and only time will tell.

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