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Andy Souwer: High-Level Strikers in MMA

Andy Souwer vs Yuichiro Nagashima Kickboxing

Andy Souwer is a Dutch kickboxer and a two time K-1 World MAX champion (2005, 2007), fighting out of Mejiro Gym, Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is a long-time training partner of Jose Aldo at Nova União, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academy and mixed martial arts team located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and founded by André Pederneiras and Wendell Alexander.

This is a fight between Yuichiro Nagashima and Andy Souwer, @ Rizin FF. Although the title is about striking, and I will cover that element of the fight, it was Souwer’s Nova Uniao based ground game that surprised me most. As the Dutch K1 champion progresses in the sport of MMA, how will his Dutch striking prowess look in this new realm?

Let’s take a close look at his fight with Nagashima and the potential for Souwer to make a long term move into MMA. Will he be as successful in this space as he was in kickboxing? How will his skills transfer over to the new sport, now we find out!

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80 / 100
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