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Andrei Arlovski vs Francis Ngannou Full Fight

Andrei Arlovski Taking on hard Hitting Francis Ngannou

The former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski taking on the newcomer and hard-hitting Francis NGannou. In what was going to be the first big test of NGannou’s professional career. How would he fare against the former champion who still had plenty left in the tank?

With Nagannou being four fights deep into his UFC contract. A fight against a former division champion could bee seen as a risk. But his phenomenal displays to date had put him on the fast-track. While Arlovski was still looking to once again claim UFC gold. This fight against the rising star was sure to be a real test.

Does the Belarussian still have what it takes to climb back to the top. Or would he once again fall short on his quest against the younger and more explosive opponent? Wit hall eyes on the the two big men inside the UFC octagon. It was all to play for in this feature fight of the night.

Arlovski vs Ngannou The Fight

With two heavy hitters exchanging early, the fight could en at an moment. With Arlovski having a solid background in boxing and known for his striking. He appeared fro the getgo to be the one landing the more accurate strikes. But this is MMA and not boxing and with 4oz goves, all it takes is one touch to end the fight.

So with both men having their moments and a back and forth standup fight. It wasn’t straight away clear who might exit the victor. Would it be Andrei Arlovski with his seasoned resume? Or would it be the Cameroonian Ngannou, a relatively recent arrival on the world scene. Who not so many years before had never even considered a career in mixed martiall arts.

With Franis NGannou just missing with some looping swings from the fences. We are reassued by the commentary team that he is known to be a patient guy. Not in any supposed rush for the stoppage, Francis would wait for his opportunity then strike while the iron is hot.

Ngannou knocks Out Arlovski

And it wouldn’t be too long before we saw some fireworks. With both fighters fighting at distance, Arlovsi was using kicks to keep Ngannou back. Measuring distance, he would attempt some combinations, but with little success. Touching Ngannou, it was now his turn to force the action.

Pushing forward on Arlovski, Francis looked for his chance. With Andre firing back the pair exchanged, but it was Ngannou’s left followed by a hard right hand that sealed the deal. Knocking the former champion to the ground, Francis moved in for the finish. Landing some blocks i and around the head, maybe even the back of the head. The fight was done as Francis NGannou remained undefeated inside the UFC octagon.


77 / 100
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