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The Crazy Russian Teen Who Knocked Out A UFC Champion

Andrei Arlovski Getting Ko’ed By Red Tarzan

The former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has been in the fight game for as far back as I can remember. Once one of the most feared fighters in the heavyweight division. The Russian fighter would go on to become one of the most successful fighters the sport has known.

Back in 1999, Arvlovski was a world Sambo champion and one of the best fighters in Russia. Now, we have to remember this was all pre-UFC, pre-Arlovski fighting Fedor Emelianenko. A time when he was first trying to make a breakthrough into the mainstream mixed martial arts scene.

But seeing as he was already a champion, many believed it was only a matter of time before he would eventually end up in the UFC. However, things were not going to get off to a good start for the fighter from Belarus. In his first recorded jaunt into the MMA cage, Andre would face off against a no-name late replacement in Viacheslav Datsik.

Datsik was still a teen, but according to his record had already competed in a number of fights, across multiple disciplines. Another notable thing about Viacheslav was that apart from the fact that he had a criminal record. And would go on to serve over 10 years in prison. Red Tarzan as he became known was also apparently somewhat insane.

The M-1 MFC: World Championship 1999

The M-1 1999 World Championship tournament took place in St. Petersburg Russia. And was supposed to be the beginning of the future UFC champion’s climb to the top. With Arlovski set to fight an American in the tournament, but was forced to withdraw from the bout on the day of the fight.

This now left the tournament promoters scrambling to find a new opponent. And with very few names available and none having prepared to compete at the event. It was beginning to look like the tournament itself could be in jeopardy. Until the event security came to the promoter and said there was a guy at the door trying to fight security, who said he knew the promoter.

After some investigation, it was discovered the guy at the door was in fact Viacheslav Datsik. The fighter who had been offered the opportunity to originally fight in the tournament, but had never showed up to meet with the promoters. But all that changed as Viacheslav said that he was there to fight and it didn’t matter who his opponent would be.

Arlovski vs Datsik The Fight Itself

From the moment Datsik stepped into the cage you could tell there was something off about him. Grimacing from before the bell, he immediately charged Arlovski and attempted to land a lunging kick. As the pair grappled against the wall of the cage. Andr looked to be the superior grappler, catching Datsik’s head in what looked to be a solid guillotine.

But the Wiley Russian was having none of it and continued to knee and wrestle against the obviously much larger man. as Datsik continued to charge forward, Arlovski continued to get more into his stride. Landing some solid punches, Viacheslav tried to swing wildly, adding in kicks and some takedown attempts.

But with the Sambo champions have superior size and skill advantage. He looked the more competent of the two and would likely win the bout if he stuck to his game plan. But with size comes the risk of tiring more quickly. And as the challenger refused to give up and kept coming forward. we could tell Arlovski was beginning to tire.

Then out of nowhere, Datsik tried what looked like a rolling thunder head kick which almost landed. The crowd came to life as they showed their appreciation for the attempt. But Andre was not done and as the pair went to the ground caught Datsik in a heel hook. However, Viacheslav was not giving up and managed to escape, even taking the back of Arlovski. Until some illegal blows to the back of the head forced the referee to intervene.

Undeterred, Datsik continued to look for opportunities until one finally arose. With Andre hanging back the Russian lunged forward with a huge overhand right. Landing clean on the Belarussian, Arlovski hit the canvas and was out for the count. A shocking end to a fight which was never supposed to take place.

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