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Andre Ward | Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights

Andre Ward | Skill Study • Breakdown • Highlights

Because he’s certainly the highest level boxer (undefeated, USA Gold medalist) I’ve ever seen retire and believe him. And also because he’s always spoken highly of MMA and even myself in high regard. This breakdown was the perfectly timed (and perfect) fighter in a study on what Ring IQ is, and to demonstrate that via some examples.

Since I’ve been focusing on southpaw fighters, and/or open stance dominance and options offensively and defensively. I figured that a (rare) natural left-handed fighter who boxes in an orthodox stance. An injury and eventual surgery to the right shoulder has made Ward even more reliant on the left hand. Causing him to even switch to southpaw on occasion to land his power shots.

He is one of the most complete boxers in any division today. Ward’s Ring IQ, accuracy, and quickness are often employed to masterfully dictating distance, opening up counter-punching ability. Ward’s best punches typically are predicated off of the lead left, including a stinging and variable jab.

Ward is also known for his highly effective inside/clinch game. Ward’s physical strength has enabled him to overpower and rough up many opponents on the inside and in a clinch. Connecting with his own shots, particularly the short left hook and uppercut, while smothering his opponent’s shots and weaving their punches is commonplace in Ward fights.

He attributes his self-described “formless”, or as LeeWylie describes it “Like Water” style to years of studying Roy Jones Jr., Bernard Hopkins, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. among others under the guise of the incredibly and criminally underrated boxing mind of Virgil Hunter.

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