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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Andre Galvao: My Journey

Andre Galvao Talks About His Life-Changing Story

Some of us dream of becoming the World Champion, being the best, having an opportunity to make a name for ourselves. Most of us train hard, dedicating a big part of our lives to step closer and closer to our dreams, and yet only very few are able to reach our goal like BJJ phenom Andre Galvao.

What if you were the World Champion and you accomplished almost everything there is to reach, you were one of the best Jiu-Jitsu competitors, travelling the world, sharing your knowledge and success was no longer a dream? What if on one simple, ordinary night you lost all of this in a split of a second? Everything you have owned and relied on was simply gone.

Sound like fiction? It isn’t; watch Andre Galvao share his life-changing story, and you will never see this multi-time World Champion the same way. From Brazil to the world we follow Galvao as he tells about all the intimate details of his journey in BJJ. From nothing to something in the sphere is world jiu-jitsu. It’s an inspiring story fro mone of the very best in the sport today.

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