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Andre Berto breaks down Mayweather vs McGregor

Andre Berto is a former opponent of Floyd Mayweather, as well as being a good friend to Conor McGregor. Talks about his relationship with both men to Brendan Schaub. He talks about how he first came to meet Conor, detailing the time they spent together in rehab. When both fighters were recovering from injuries they received during the competition.

Berto talks about his first impressions when he met McGregor in the injury rehab clinic. This guy walking around with high shoulders, as he puts it. A big beard and all of that. Then when he got to talking with him he realised how cool he was. And the two hit it off! Being stuck together for many months, the pair got to see each other every day.

Andre describes how Conor was obsessed with getting back into action, quicker than Georges St Pierre. Who had been a patient at the very same clinic. It was something he talked about all the time. And it was something which really stuck in Berto’s memory.

Now Andre Berto is also friends with Floyd Mayweather. And although he did discuss joining the McGregor team for sparring sessions. He eventually declined, as he didn’t want to be known as the boxer who helped the MMA fighter defeat the p4p boxer.

Berto Gives Three Possible Scenarios

Both men give their thoughts on how they see the fight playing out. With Andre Berto seeing the possibility of three outcomes. With Conor’s awkward movement, there is the possibility that he catches Floyd and knocks him out. It’s the fight game and anything can happen.

Or, he is in there with a wizard. And you realise you are in there with a different beast for 12 rounds, with a guy who paints pictures. So Conor gets outboxed or the third option is that Conor gets frustrated and realises that he cannot touch Floyd. And as Floyd’s confidence grows, there’s a possibility there that Floyd could stop him.

Andre feels that Conor is in a no-lose situation. He is entering their world and if he manages to pull something off. It’s very bad for boxing.

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