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Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights [NEW]

Anderson Silva – Film Study / Highlights [NEW]

“All due respect to arachnophobes, I love spiders. Some might call me obsessed, but I’ve been studying spiders and spider silks for many years now and don’t see an end in sight. There is simply too much…” Cheryl Hayashi

*Disclaimer* This video was a fan request by ‘Ditch Bank Bandits’ after correctly predicting the Stipe Miocic win over Werdum. This will be a focus on Anderson’s Silva’s years of dominance, rather than his recent state of seeming purgatory. My breakdowns are never meant to be disrespectful and are for education, entertainment, and an overall celebration of skill within MMA and martial arts.

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Middleweight Champion. He still holds the longest title streak in UFC history, which ended in 2013 after 2,457 days, with 10 title defences and 16 consecutive wins. He has 13 post-fight bonuses. Many journalists, analysts, peers, and publications have called Silva among the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

Silva, one of the greatest p4p fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, is known mostly for his dazzling evasion, creative offence, and revolutionary MMA striking. ‘The Spider’s’ movement is/was far ahead of its time and in my opinion, is still something many fighters could benefit from.

Anderson’s first fight in the UFC was against hard nosed (and chin) Chris Leben, known for his power, willingness to exchange with opponents, and durability. As Joe Rogan predicted, “this (Anderson) was a different kind of striker”. He ran through Leben in about a minute….The rest, would be history.

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