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Anderson Silva vs Vitor belfort full fight

Anderson Silva Against Vitor Belfort UFC 126

In a highly charged contest, UFC 126 saw the reigning middleweight champion Anderson Silva defend his title against Vitor Belfort. two fighters who were very familiar with one another, with many saying the two had at one point been friends. But on this night in Las Vegas Nevada, all that was put to one side.

With the 185 lb champion looking to extend his run at the top. Facing the former light heavyweight champion Belfort who was now on a quest to try and once again taste success at the championship level. But it was never going to be an easy challenge against one of the very best fighters to have ever competed.

And to add some spice to the mix, the pre-fight build-up had been anything but sportsman-like. With Vitor accusing his former teammate of being a fake person who wore a mask in public. Saying that he never shows his true self to the fans, but rather a fake personality. A comment which Anderson took very personally, arriving at their weigh-in wearing a mask. Getting in the face of Vitor as the pair pushed and shoved while exchanging words.

So plenty of build-up to this classic champion vs former champion matchup. With two of Brazil’s most decorated and favourite fighters to ever come out of the country.

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort Round One

In a southpaw vs southpaw matchup. A classicly aggressive striker in Belfort, facing a renowned counter striker in Silva. And Joe Rogan on commentary pointed out that when Anderson has faced some countered strikers in the past. His fights were often boring to watch, as both he and his opponent waited for the other to make their move.

However, now he was in against someone who is expected to come forward. And so this particular pairing should actually make for a very good fight, on paper. But taking over one and a half minutes to land the first strike of the fight, perhaps that was not going to be the case?

With the crowd now booing, we could see that both fighters felt the urge to press forward, yet none was willing to take the risk. And it would be Vitor to land the first punch of the fight. Catching Silva in the face a maybe knocking out some of the cobwebs. As Silva then goes for a head kick that missed, Vitor shoots in for a takedown that had the champion on the ground for just a few seconds.

And it all of a sudden felt like the fight had now only just begun. As both men attempted some more strikes, with nothing of significance landing. They separated out with Silva stepping back and throwing up his left leg in a piston-like motion. Landing it flush on the chin or Vitor as he dropped to the canvas.

The champion quickly followed up, landing a couple more punches. Before the referee had seen enough, stopping the fight and declaring Anderson Silva still the UFC middleweight champion of the world. While also giving MMA fans one of the most classic knockouts ever seen in the sport.


79 / 100
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