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Anderson Silva vs Lee Murray full fight video

Silva vs Lee Murray Fight Video

The now-legendary middleweight fighter Anderson Silva takes on the now infamous bank robber Lee Murray. For the vacant Cage Rage middleweight title. The event was titled Cage Rage 8: Knights of the Octagon and the action took place in London on September 11, 2004. And at the time these were two of the most well-known fighters in their home countries. With Silva already have competed in Pride Fighting Championships.

The fight was billed as Murray’s big opportunity to take out a big name in Anderson Silva. Before many presumed Murray would move on to even bigger and better things. And while having already competed in the UFC, the man from London England had yet to establish himself on the world stage as a true threat at middleweight.

In a back and forth battle between the two, both men had their moments. But with Silva doing more to get the victory. And while Lee Murray did have his very own flashes brilliance, it’s was destined to be The Spiders night. Silva opens the fight with a beautiful head kick and for all the world the fight seemed like it may come to a quick ending.

Anderson Silva Racks Up The Points

But managing to hold on in the guard of Silva, Murray was able to regain his senses. Silva continued the onslaught using his Muay Thai game and began to pick off his opponent using kicks and knees on the inside. But Murray wasn’t to be outdone and was able to get Anderson to the ground and work some of his own ground and pound.

The fight continued with more of the same as Anderson Silva continued to rack up the points. And while Lee Murray did also have his own moments, it was Silva’s fight to lose. All in all a great fight and really an introduction to some for the soon to be pound for pound Spider Silva. While Lightning Lee Murray would go on to become infamous for something far more extreme than cage fighting!

Silva vs Murray Weigh-in Video

Before Silva and Murray stepped into the cage, the pair faced off for a pretty heated weigh-in. Once the weight was taken both men faced off and immediately went forehead to forehead, like two bulls fighting over territory. It was obvious that they had gotten under one another’s skin. And that this would not be settled until the fight was over.

The previous year Murray has faced Jose Landi-Jons, who is more widely known to fans as Pele. Murray had knocked out the Brazilian in the second round and now he was telling Anderson Silva he would suffer the same fate. It’s not known how much of the tirade Silva actually understood, but sometimes words are not required.

As the pair stood across a packed room full of press, unwilling to take their eyes off each other. Silva, calm, stoic, while Murray was fired up and ready to go right then and there. But when it was all said and done the two were finally led from the room and away. So that they could get ready for the fight ahead the following day.

It would be Silva who’s a career in the sport his the highest highs. While Murray would famously take a very different path. But both will of course forever remain in the history books, but for very different reasons.

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