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Video: Anderson Silva Spars Hard. Big Punch & Throws Crazy Elbow Upper cut!!

Anderson Silva Hard Sparring

The Spider Anderson Silva taking and dishing out some big punches during a hard training session. Looks like the former UFC middleweight champion is in good health. And hopefully, perhaps preparing for an upcoming bout? We wonder who that might be… any little birdies know? Regardless, we can’t wait until Silva steps back into the cage and does what he does best. Hopefully, before the end of 2016 as there is a certain British fighter who fancies his chances against one of the best fighters to ever compete!

Silva has been off now for many months following his horrific injury against Chris Weidman. Where the former reigning UFC middleweight champion broke his shinbone during the fight. Now as he regains his fitness, Silva is slowly working his way back into fulltime training. And here he is back inside the cage with one of his Brazilian Sparring partners.

One Of The Greatest Fighters On The Planet

We can see he still has the moves that made him one of the greatest fighters on the planet. And led to him dominating the UFC middleweight division for many years. It wasn’t until his loss to Chris Weidman that many people realised he was not invincible. Suffering an injury and second loss to the new champion that forever changed the course of his career.

Today he is trying hard to regain his fitness and timing inside the cage. And what is the best way to do that? Well, by throwing revere elbows at your sparring partners face silly. As it’s clear to see The Spider is not fooling around and is eager to climb back into the UFC octagon. Against who or when may as yet to be decided, but there’s no doubting that there is a long line of eager opponents looking to test themselves.

What Anderson Silva shows up in the next fight is anyone’s guess. But if his sparring is just the warm-up, then good luck to whoever steps in against him next.

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