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Amanda Ribas || The Model Fighter?


Amanda Ribas UFC Flyweight | Model Fighter?

Flyweight fighter Amanda Ribas is one of the latest additions to the UFC roster. Currently holding a record of 10 – 1, Ribas has looked solid in her first three fights in the UFC. Taking out BJJ superstar and hot prospect MacKenzie Dern, as well as UFC veteran Paige VanZant in the process.

With a black belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, supplemented by her Muay Thai standup game. Which she learned under the tutelage of her teacher and father Marcelo Ribas. She mixes all of the above beautifully when inside the cage in a well-choreographed display as a Judoka with seasoned striking.

Coach Brendan Dorman once again breaks down the assets the Brazilian brings to the cage, outside of the looks. How she paints rich intricate pictures on the cage canvas and the potential she brings in the 125 lbs women’s division of the UFC.

“To say she has a diverse skill set would be an understatement, and from what I can tell she has all the makings of a title threat because of it. She now trains at American Top Team, and for reasons beyond that and lineage, she reminds me of Amanda Nunes in many ways. Let’s do this….. “

Brendan Dorman

Ribas vs Dern

We follow along as BD analyses the Ribas game, that smesh style when close to the fence reminiscent of some significant others in the sport. Her high elbow defence and counter strikes that put her opponents on the back foot. The smooth level changes that take out some of those bumps in the road.

And in her match against the rising star MacKenzie Dern, Ribas exposed a glaring gap in terms of striking maturity. Able to out grapple the grappler, using her Judo to counter the elite BJJ of the ADCC gold medalist. Something which can only be learned through many years of repetition and something Amanda has a plenty.

And against the once golden girl of the UFC flyweight division Paige VanZant. Ribas once again showed her ability to chain all those tools in her kit and manifest the desired outcome. Taking down and submitting, beautifully we might add, the flyweight pin-up. To seal the deal and put a warning out to those that did not know. Is it time for the Ribas show?


77 / 100
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