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Alistair Overeem vs FABRICIO WERDUM Pride FC 2006

Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum Pride FC 2006

Two former champions in Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem are set to face each other once again, at UFC 213. This will be the third time the two fighters have faced off going back as far as 2006. When the two met for the first time in Pride FC – Total Elimination Absolute. That time Werdum exited the bout as the winner submitting Overeem via kimura in the second round.

The two faced off a second time in 2011 at Strikeforce. Where The Reem scored a unanimous decision victory to make it one apiece. Their third and perhaps final fight at UFC 213, will be the decider in the best of three. Between two of the most seasoned veterans in the sport with a combined total of 33 years of competition and 84 professional fights.

Overeem vs Werdum Round One

At this point in their respective careers, Overeem was known as the consummate striker. While Werdum was the Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu world champion who was working on his striking, so very much a clash of styles. Alistair came out with his trademark knees to the body. While Fabricio tried to tie up the Dutchman against the ropes in his clinch game.

Round Two

The fight moved between standup and ground fighting, where surprisingly Overeem was not overwhelmed. Even managing to get off some decent shots on the BJJ world champion. They continued to clinch and scramble, going between the standup and the ground. With Werdum managing to get off some good punches on the Dutch kickboxer.

As the back and forth continued, we saw everything including Overeem falling out of the ring. Then Werdum asking for the fight to be reset on the ground, as that was how Alistair had fallen out. But the referee reset the fight to the feet allowing Overeem to get a sweep, once again taking it to the ground. Then at 3:43 of round two, Fabricio managed to take Overeems left arm and sink in a Mimura from the bottom, ending the fight.


Overeem is turning 40, while Werdum isn’t too far behind. This may be either fighter last opportunity to once again make a run at the UFC heavyweight title. A fascinating rubber match 11 years in the making. It will be interesting to see who has improved more and who has what it takes to seal it with a W! UFC 213 is on its way, but who will be the one to make that next big leap toward the top spot?

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