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Alistair Overeem Ubereem || A Brendan Dorman Film Study

Alistair Overeem Breakdown – Highlights – The Demolition Man

From his formative days aside fellow K1 Legend Tyrone Spong under the tutelage of genius trainer Lucien Carbin, to his epic and unbelievable knockout of former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem was a highly-skilled fighter.

After this weekend’s iffy decisions, that favoured someone who throughout their career has made (at best) iffy decisions, I wanted to focus on the dominance of “Ubereem”. Ubereem took over the nickname of Demolition Man for Alistair when he was walking around at about 250 pounds of zero body-fat super athletes.

If I have to say much more I give it all away, and I’m not sure any of you even read these write-ups, but the moral of the story isn’t that steroids are death……in fact, because we are all adults here, it is to show that they work.

When people either downplay the significance of PED’s or in some cases concoct stories with such a loud voice that they sway a mostly educated group (“he was partying, stopped at the local bodega for D pills”

ps if you believe that nonsense I’ll be selling bridges on the cheap this weekend) into thinking someone should get a free pass in a sport where hurting your opponent is the objective, then someone is not being responsible with their voice.

This is where I feel obliged, and why I chose to make this and scrap a few others for now. More to come this week, hit the bell right after you hit like and subscribe. Early numbers are good numbers. Cheers.

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