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Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway (c) Featherweight UFC 245

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Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway met in the main event of UFC 245 for the featherweight championship. Volkanovski was the challenger, riding a 17-fight winning streak, while Holloway was the defending champion, having held the title since 2016.

The fight was a close one, with Volkanovski winning by unanimous decision. He outstruck Holloway 161-144 and landed more significant strikes (137-121). Volkanovski also had more takedowns (3-0) and control time (4:25).

The win was a major upset, as Holloway was widely considered to be one of the best featherweight fighters in the world. Volkanovski’s victory put him on the map as a legitimate contender for the pound-for-pound title.

The rematch

Volkanovski and Holloway met again in a rematch at UFC 251 in July 2020. This time, Volkanovski was victorious by unanimous decision again. He outstruck Holloway 184-165 and landed more significant strikes (150-132). Volkanovski also had more takedowns (2-0) and control time (5:00).

The rematch was even closer than the first fight, but Volkanovski was able to edge out Holloway again. With this victory, Volkanovski solidified his status as the featherweight champion and one of the best fighters in the UFC.

Volkanovski’s dominance

Volkanovski has continued to dominate the featherweight division since his win over Holloway. He has defended his title four times, defeating Brian Ortega, Chan Sung Jung, Calvin Kattar, and Max Holloway (again). Volkanovski has now won 22 fights in a row, and he is widely considered to be the best featherweight fighter in the world.

Volkanovski is a well-rounded fighter with a strong striking game and a solid ground game. He is also a very intelligent fighter who is able to adapt his game plan to his opponent. Volkanovski is a difficult fighter to beat, and he will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The Future of the featherweight division

With Volkanovski firmly established as the top featherweight fighter in the world, the future of the division looks bright. There are a number of talented fighters who are vying for a shot at Volkanovski’s title, including Yair Rodriguez, Josh Emmett, and Arnold Allen.

It will be interesting to see how Volkanovski fares against these top contenders. If he continues to dominate, he could cement his legacy as one of the greatest featherweight champions of all time.

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