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Alexander Volkanovski (c) Vs. Max Holloway (Featherweight) UFC 276

On July 11, 2020, Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway faced off for the second time in the UFC octagon. The first fight between the two was a close split decision win for Volkanovski, and the rematch was highly anticipated by fans and experts alike. Both fighters came into the fight with something to prove, and it was a high-stakes bout for the featherweight division.

The first round of the fight was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing significant strikes. However, it was clear that Volkanovski was using his leg kicks to great effect, consistently landing them on Holloway’s lead leg. By the end of the round, Holloway’s leg was visibly bruised, and it was clear that the leg kicks would be a key factor in the fight.

In the second round, Volkanovski continued to land leg kicks, but Holloway began to find more success with his striking. He was able to connect with several big punches, including a few uppercuts that seemed to stun Volkanovski. However, Volkanovski was able to weather the storm and continued to land leg kicks, keeping Holloway at bay.

As the fight progressed, it became clear that Volkanovski’s strategy was to wear down Holloway with leg kicks and clinch work. He was able to land several takedowns in the later rounds and was able to control Holloway on the ground. Although Holloway was able to defend against some of Volkanovski’s takedown attempts, he was not able to mount much offense of his own.

In the championship rounds, Volkanovski’s leg kicks had taken their toll on Holloway, and he was noticeably limping. Despite this, Holloway continued to press forward and land strikes, but he was unable to find the finish he needed. In the end, the judges awarded the fight to Volkanovski, who successfully defended his featherweight title for the second time.

The fight was a showcase of Volkanovski’s technical skills and his ability to execute a game plan. He used his leg kicks to great effect, controlling the distance and wearing down Holloway over the course of the fight. Although Holloway had his moments, he was unable to find a way to overcome Volkanovski’s strategy.

The win solidified Volkanovski’s position as one of the top featherweights in the UFC and cemented his status as the division’s champion. It also raised questions about Holloway’s future in the sport, as he suffered his third straight loss in a title fight.

Overall, the fight between Volkanovski and Holloway was an exciting and high-level contest, showcasing the best of what the featherweight division has to offer. With both fighters still in their prime, it’s possible that we could see a trilogy fight between the two in the future.

Volkanovski’s victory over Holloway is a testament to his skill and perseverance as a fighter. He faced a tough challenge in the form of Holloway, but he was able to rise to the occasion and defend his title in an impressive fashion. As he looks ahead to his next fight, Volkanovski will undoubtedly be looking to build on this performance and continue his reign as the featherweight champion.

In conclusion, the second fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway was a highly anticipated matchup that lived up to the hype. Volkanovski was able to execute his game plan to perfection, using leg kicks and clinch work to wear down Holloway over the course of the fight. Despite some tense moments, Volkanovski was able to weather the storm and come away with a decisive win.

53 / 100
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