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Alexander Emelianenko vs Konstantin Glukhov

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Konstantin Gluhov Full fight

The heavyweight super-fight between Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko and  Gluhov Constantine from Latvia. This fight was held on September 30 in the tournament M-1 Challenge 34 in the arena HSS Friendship in Luzhniki, Moscow. In the corner of was Alexander’s brother, the mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko.

Alexander has looked solid in all his last matches and is still a force in the sport. Emelianenko has always been known for his cool demeanour and fast hands. In this fight against his Latvia opponent, he was put under plenty of pressure. As the visiting fighter was not there to simply be a punching bag for the hot favourite.

This fight had everything from quick exchanges on the feet, to good groundwork which saw some vicious ground and pound. Emelianenko, like his brother Fedor, is known for his explosive ability. And he showed this by beating on his opponent for many of the rounds, leaving him badly swollen and cut. All in al la strong performance and a good fight from a fighter we would have loved to see in the UFC.

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75 / 100
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