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Alex Pereira Vs. Israel Adesanya (c) Middleweight UFC 281

Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya are two of the most exciting and skilled fighters in the UFC. They have met twice in kickboxing matches, and both times Pereira has emerged victorious. However, their most recent bout took place in the MMA octagon, and it was Adesanya who came out on top.

The first fight between Pereira and Adesanya took place in 2016 in the Glory kickboxing organization. It was a close and competitive bout, with both fighters landing significant strikes. However, Pereira ultimately got the better of Adesanya, knocking him down and earning a unanimous decision victory.

Their second kickboxing match took place in 2017, and it was even more dramatic than the first. Adesanya came out strong, landing a number of powerful strikes and even knocking Pereira down in the first round. However, Pereira rallied and landed a devastating left hook in the second round that put Adesanya out cold. It was a stunning victory for Pereira and cemented his status as one of the best kickboxers in the world.

Their most recent bout took place in 2021 in the UFC octagon. This time, it was Adesanya who came out on top, earning a unanimous decision victory over Pereira. The fight was a closely contested battle, with both fighters landing significant strikes and displaying impressive defensive skills. However, it was Adesanya who was able to control the pace of the fight and land more shots overall.

In the UFC fight, Adesanya showcased his superior grappling skills, taking Pereira down several times and controlling him on the ground. This was a new dimension to Adesanya’s game, which had previously been focused on striking and defending takedowns. Pereira, meanwhile, struggled to mount much offense against Adesanya’s defense and was unable to land any significant strikes.

Despite his loss in the UFC fight, Pereira remains a highly skilled and dangerous fighter. His knockout power is among the best in the sport, and he has shown a remarkable ability to bounce back from adversity in his fights. Adesanya, on the other hand, continues to evolve and improve his game, making him one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC today.

While their rivalry has been intense and highly competitive, both Pereira and Adesanya have expressed mutual respect for each other outside of the octagon. They have both praised each other’s skills and toughness, and it’s clear that their rivalry has pushed them both to become even better fighters.

Overall, the fights between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya have been some of the most thrilling and memorable in recent UFC history. With their combination of striking prowess, defensive skill, and tenacity, these two fighters have shown why they are among the best in the world. Fans can only hope that they will meet again in the octagon in the future, for what is sure to be another epic battle.

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