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ADVANCED MMA Striking Concepts: Feint Overloading feat. TJ, Wonderboy….


Coach Brendan Dorman is back with yet another breakdown, this time covering the use of feints in advanced MMA striking. Taking us through a range of examples from some of the UFC’s finest. Including the now soon to return former bantamweight champion, T.J. Dillashaw. Along with top contender at welterweight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. And a guy we don’t see much of these days in flyweight fighter Justin Scoggins.

Brendan brings us through the combinations and setups which lead to the final delivery of the goods. Taking samples from some career-defining fights including Renan Barao vs T.J. Dillashaw I for the bantamweight crown. A fight in which the challenger shocked the world, doing what none of his fellow Team Alpha male fighters could, in defeating one of the most dominant champions in the sport.

Coach Dorman analyses the concepts which Dillashaw used to confound and ultimately stop the Brazilian. Including that of the left hook into the left leg body kick, saying;

“In short, the pugilist overloads the opponent’s defence via either striking or feint into striking, often on the same side. An arbitrary example would be a left hook into a left leg body kick. “

coach Brendan Dorman

We see how T.J. was able to use some of his tremendous footwork, combined with feints and some unorthodox striking. To slowly and methodically pick Renan apart. As T.J. repeatedly overloads the champion with combinations, causing him to defend something that isn’t there, where Dillashaw then capitalises on the mistake.

How About Wonderboy Thompson

Well, the welterweight challenger Stephen Thompson never falls short when it comes to show-stopping strikes. Here BD takes a look at some of his favourite moments from the Kenpo karate world champion turned MMA fighter. As he displays some of his most elusive techniques that have often signalled lights out for some of his opponents.

“Personally, I’ve learned this via Kenpo Karate (same side) and Western Boxing (feinting) but couldn’t conceptualize until my game matured over time.”

coach Brendan Dorman

While for many Wonderboy answered the question as to whether high-level Karate could, in fact, work inside the octagon. That being yes, and some. As Thompson, alongside fighters such as Justin Scoggins show us just what exactly can be executed when an opponent is left bewildered, unresponsive and ripe for the kill.


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