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Abdulrashid Sadulaev & MMA || An American Film Study


Abdulrashid Sadulaev MMA/Wrestling Film Study

Abdulrashid Sadulaev is a Dagestani wrestler and perhaps the pound for pound wrestler in the world right now. And coach Brendan Dorman gives us his breakdown of how and why the Russian is currently dominating in his sport. Analysing the training style which separates these wrestlers from some others.

Where one group might go at their training regime hard for several days of the week. These Dagestani wrestlers tend to moreso go light the entire week. Meaning that they get the opportunity to constantly work technique. Without being overly aggressive and losing some of that learning curve and or hurting their training partners.

Coach Dorman compares their particular style to that of Thai fighters, as well as the Cuban school of boxing. As it’s often more of a playful style that is as a direct result of their training environment. With Thai’s using their outdoor environment and those in Dagestan often having to use say the pavement. Anywhere where they can train to satisfy the addiction to their martial art.

So coming from the perspective of an American based MMA coach, Brendan gives us his take on the wrestling game of Sadulaev. He syphons through all the intricacies the elite level grappler uses on the mats.

There are other monsters from the area that deserve some attention, though I don’t want push all my chips into the Khabib pot without first turning some of you onto the artistic merit of the Russians playful approach to constant sparring, not unlike Thailand does with Muay Thai and pot clinching.

Brendan Dorman Breakdown

Sadulaev In MMA?

And with rumblings or a desire from fans for Abdulrashid to perhaps make his transition into MMA. How far could his world-class wrestling take him inside the cage? As we have already seen the growing influence of his fellow countrymen in the mixed martial arts world. What could the sport look like in the years to come if the trend continues?

So let’s sit back and enjoy coach Dorman’s take on the Sadulaev phenomenon and others. His analysis of what is being brought to the table and their wider influence in the realm of combat sports today.


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