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15 Epic UFC Super Fights That Shaped MMA History

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva – UFC 79 – Nemesis Dec / 29 / 2007

In a fight which should have happened several years before. Light heavyweight icon Chuck Liddell and the former Pride middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva, finally squared off at UFC 79. With hardcore MMA fans had been hoping to see this super fight for many years. The pair finally went toe to toe in an all-out slugfest for the ages.

Liddell was coming off of two straight losses, while Silva was making his octagon debut. But Wanderlei had commented that he didn’t care if he lost the fight. And that it was more important that UFC fans saw his fighting style. The reason he had become such a devastating fan favourite across the pond in Japan.

And from the beginning of the round, both guys came out guns blazing. Looking to answer the question and prove who was the best. With Wanderlei throwing his traditional wide looping punches. Chuck looked to counter with his straight shots and did so on many occasions.

Chuck Liddell And Wanderlei Silva Inside The Ufc Octagon Ufc 79
Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell exchanging blows i their UFC 79 superfight.

The second round saw both fighters settle and begin to get their rhythm. As they began to put together combinations with Wand flooring Chuck on more than one occasion. But Liddell came back and landed a huge elbow in against the cage, opening up a big cut over Silva’s right eye.

The fight began to turn into a back and forth war with both guys throwing everything except the kitchen sink. And in the third Chuck almost threw that too. As he got Wanderlei up against the cage and began to unload. Catching him several times but not knocking him out like he had done so many before.

Liddell was now looking both gassed and at the clock. As after landing consistently, Silva didn’t appear to be going anywhere except forward. And with one last takedown by Chuck, the fight was done.

Although past their prime, finally, these two legends of MMA had shared an octagon. Still one of the classics in the list of UFC super fights. As commentator Mike Goldberg said;

“It’s just a treat to be here, in-person to watch this fight.”

Mike Goldberg UFC 79

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture – UFC 91 – Couture vs. Lesnar Nov / 15 / 2008

The forty-four-year young legend Randy Couture took on the beast that is Brock Lesnar. In what was Brocks just fourth fight as a professional MMA fighter. Yet he brought such a pedigree in amateur wrestling, combined with his freakish size and athleticism. That he would soon go on to be the UFC heavyweight champion.

So this was a huge test for both in an ageing Couture and an athletically gifted “genetic freak,” as Joe Rogan once called Lesnar. And using that freakish strength and skill, Brock was able to take Randy down in the first. Just like Randy had done to so many of his previous opponents.

The pair both took top position during scrambles, but in the end, Brock finished up in the commanding position. Landing some big shots and trying to trap Randy’s arm, Couture was eventually able to escape to the cheers of those in attendance.

Champion Randy Couture And Challenger Brock Lesnar At Ufc 91.
Brock Lesnar lands a left on Randy Couture.

Early in the second Brock landed a right elbow which caught Randy in the face, staggering him back. But unable to build on it, Couture once again got Lesnar to the fence. Then landing his own shot that cut Brock above the right eye.

Then just past halfway into the second round. Brock catches randy with a straight right behind the ear, sending him to the canvas. Where he followed up with unanswered hammer fists. As the referee stepped in to stop the fight and declare Brock Lesnar the new heavyweight champion of the UFC.

The changing of the guard in the division and a classic UFC superfight. Between two of the biggest figures, physically and metaphorically. To ever compete in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei SIlva – UFC 92 – The Ultimate 2008 Dec / 27 / 2008

Facing off for the third time in their careers. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and the man who had already beaten him twice in Wanderlei Silva. Silva had dominated in Pride fighting championships and stopped Rampage in their previous two fights. Now it was time to see if Quinton could make it third time lucky and reap his revenge.

Quinton Rampage Jackson Swings A Left Hook At Wanderlei Silva Ufc 92
Rampage Jackson loads up on his left hand.

As a focused and determined Rampage took the centre of the octagon and began to pressure Silva. Trying to land some big shots Jackson was careful not to get drawn into a Muay Thai clinch as he had done before. Looking to land then quickly get out of range.

With both men being super cautious and only intermittently throwing some wild punches. Wand landed some good leg kicks, but either had yet to land anything in terms of significant strikes.

Then with less than two minutes to go, both men exchanged with Quinton landing a huge left hand that caught Silva flush on the jaw. And a punch that sent him to the floor and out cold. Following up Jackson landed several more, it has to be said, unnecessary punches.

But with many years of frustration and payback in mind. Rampage Jackson wasn’t going to allow his opportunity to inflict damage on his nemesis pass him by. As he devastatingly stops the Axe Murderer, silencing at least some of the demons from Pride FC.

Georges St Pierre vs BJ Penn – UFC 94 – St. Pierre vs. Penn 2 Jan / 31 / 2009

The second time these two future Hall of Famers would meet. With Georges St Pierre winning in their first contest, BJ Penn looked to get back in the win column. And with both fighters showing excellent form coming into the fight, this was sure to be a classic matchup.

With most of the first round being a feeling out process. GSP and BJ exchanged but no significant damage was done by either. As both fighters are fairly evenly matched, this fight was always going to be a game of chess.

And going into round two, it appeared as though GSP was the one to strike first. As after several attempts, he managed to get BJ to the ground. St Pierre continued to use his ground and pound, landing some solid strikes.

And using his wrestling, GSP was able to keep BJ pinned for much of the second, punishing him from the top. As this was the story throughout the second round with Penn seemingly unable to get a foothold in the fight.

Georges St Pierre Landing A Superman Punch On Bj Penn Ufc 94.
GSP catches BJ Penn on the end of a Superman punch.

Going into round four and St Pierre had established his jab, as he continued to bloody BJ’s face. Then securing another takedown, it seemed as though there is no answer for Georges MMA wrestling. Dominating for most of that round, the fight appeared to be going very much one way.

As round four saw more of the same, with the champion beginning to run away with the match. And into round five it looked like BJ was well down on the scorecards for all four rounds.

But we won’t make it that far as this UFC super fight is stopped by his corner. And MMA’s pound for pound St Pierre once again reigns supreme.

Randy Couture vs James Toney – UFC 118 – Edgar vs. Penn 2 Aug / 28 / 2010

Now, this may not have been strictly a contest between two MMA fighters. But it was a fight with MMA rules between two of the very best fighters in the world, in their respective sports. As The Natural Randy Couture accepted the challenge of boxing great James Toney to duke it out inside the octagon.

This was a fight that predated any Mayweather vs McGregor and was the first major crossover fight the sport had seen. Toney entered believing his boxing and some limited training in grappling would be enough to get him the win. But he would be facing one of the most tenacious fighters the sport has known in former champion Randy Couture.

Randy Couture Mounts James Toney In Their Ufc 118 Fight.
Randy Couture mounts and punches James Toney.

And it didn’t take long before we had the answer. As at just fourteen seconds in Randy shot for a single leg takedown and immediately took top position. A position James had probably only ever tasted in some recent training. As he now found himself in there with one of the very best wrestlers to ever compete inside the octagon.

James Toney tried to hang on and avoid the punches from Couture. But he was like a fish out of water as Randy managed to posture up and rain down more punishment.

James again tried to do his best and wouldn’t tap as Couture cranked on his neck. But letting go and readjusting, Randy once again sunk in the head and arm choke. Forcing the pound for pound boxing great to tap out.

An MMA vs boxing super fight which very much showcased the differences between the two sports. Setting a precedent and only helping to cement the legacy of Randy Couture as one of the true faces of mixed martial arts.

UFC Super fights 2011 – 2020 Coming Soon

Make sure to check out the upcoming part two, in the two-part series. Covering the very best UFC super fights from 2011 to 2020. Including all the biggest names which have propelled both the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts into the stratosphere.

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